New Omax 60120 water cutting machine at SLM

A new Omax 60120 water cutting machine is installed at NTT Group in Sandarne.

- Our production investments align with our vision, to become the most requested partner within mechanical transmission, says Magnus Gisselman, General Manager at NTT Group/Sandarne Legomekan (SLM).

Water cutting is a hundred percent cold processing method. All material properties are maintained, also in the cut surface. With water cutting, cutting cracks are avoided. But the most-significant of water cutting is its capability of narrow tolerances. Post processing – for example lathing, milling or drilling – is rarely needed.

Omax 60120 cuts in multiple materials: Metal, plastic, rubber, glass and stone.

- Our wide product range will now become even wider and we get potential for shorter delivery time, says Magnus Gisselman.